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Dr. Nicholus Schabel and Maylo Anderson join forces for this informative workshop.  Bring your notepads as Dr. Schabel will educate you on basic hip bio-mechanics and assessment. 

You will learn about common dysfunctional patterns that are affecting your performance on and off the mat, as well as methods of self-release and correction.

We will be taking our new understanding of the hips to the mat as Maylo guides us deep into those resistant pockets in the hips with a Yin style hip releasing practice.

The information you receive in this workshop will bring a greater maturity to your practice so don’t miss this one!


August 9th, 2014

Cost for this 2 ½ hr. workshop is only 25$ and spaces will fill up quickly.  Please reserve your space at Life Spring Med Spa by calling 913-338-1522



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